Sustainable Communities: A Local Systems Approach to Planning

Course Information

This course is intended for all Extension professionals and public officials interested in community development and sustainability topics. The course will provide you with a systems perspective of community sustainability looking through the lens of some of the common topics that communities are facing today– energy, local food, built environments, mobility, natural resources, community capacity, and economic development. 

This Sustainable Communities course was previously a training program created by a task force of the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD) in partnership with the Foundation of Practice program and the eXtension Land Use Planning Community of Practice. 
Important Note:
The original Sustainable Communities curriculum consisted of 8 live 90 minute webinars, which took place between January and March 2011. The PDF presentation files and the separate audio recordings for these webinars have been made available for the users. It is important that the user understands that this is not a live course, and that the user will be listening and following along to past recordings of the webinar presentations. After each module there is a short quiz for the user to take, and upon completion of all 8 modules, the user will have the option to download a certificate of completion. 

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