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What is the Land Use Planning Community of Practice?

The Land Use Planning Community of Practice (COP) focuses on providing timely and relevant information to citizens and Extension professionals interested in land use planning, community planning and zoning, and sustainable development. We help empower citizen leaders who want to shape the future of their communities with useful tools and education for positive land use decisions: those who are interested in the basic concepts of public land use and development regulation and in the best practices of community development and smart growth. Specifically, the Land Use Planning COP has developed content and resources on:

  • Zoning Regulation;
  • Best Practices for Planning and Zoning;
  • Sustainable Community Planning.

How is the Land Use Planning CoP Leadership Team Organized?

The Leadership Team guides the work of the Land Use Planning COP and conducts monthly virtual meetings to accomplish the goals of the team. The organizational framework is highlighted below.

  1. One Board member will be from each Cooperative Extension Rural Development Region (e.g. North Central, East, South, West)
  2. Three Board members will be at large representatives
  3. The Past CoP Chair
  4. An Executive Committee comprised of: CoP Chair, Past CoP Chair, Vice CoP Chair, Secretary,
    and Treasurer
  5. A national liaison from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

Who is on the Current Leadership Team?

The 2014-2015 Leadership Team consists of the following members:

COP Chair: Glenn Pape, Michigan State University Extension
Past COP Chair: Anna Haines, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Vice COP Chair:
Secretary: Myra Moss, Ohio State University Extension

Treasurer: Open

Regional Representatives:
North Central- Gary Taylor, Iowa State University; Land Use Regulation Content Leader
East- Robert Kent, Cornell University; Ask an Expert Leader
South- Open
West- Open

At Large Representatives:

National Liaison:

Content and Organizational Facilitators:
Glenn Pape, Michigan State University
Kurt Schindler, Michigan State University

How Can I become involved with the Land Use Planning COP?

There are a number of ways that members of the COP can contribute. Beyond the formal leadership roles members can contribute in one or more of the following subject areas:

  • Answering Incoming Questions from the Public (Ask an Expert)
  • Peer Reviewing FAQs to Publish for Public Searching
  • Authoring/Peer Review Learning Lessons (or co-author)
  • Authoring/Peer Review short Articles of Content (or co-author)
  • Contributing News or Press Releases
  • Contributing Events to the Calendar
  • Technical support person for content development (Wiki formatting or Multimedia)
  • Conducting professional development training
  • Assist with marking and promotion efforts

Bylaws of the Land Use Planning Community of Practice


For more information please contact Anna Haines, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, (; 715.346.2386)