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Community Planning and Land Use Community of Practice

The Community Planning and Land Use CoP focuses on providing timely and relevant information to individuals and extension professionals interested in land use issues and sustainable and resilient community planning and zoning. The CoP empowers individuals and professionals who want to shape the future of their communities with useful tools and education for positive land use decisions.

We are affiliated with eXtension, a component of the Cooperative Extension System of the Land Grant Universities nationwide, and have a formal agreement of collaboration with the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP). We additionally collaborate with members of the Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals (ANREP).

The CoP maintains a national list serv and website hosted by eXtension to distribute professional development resources. Our primary professional development offerings include webinars, publications, and the national American Citizen Planner online course.

Specifically, the Land Use Planning COP has developed content and resources on:

  • Best Practices for Planning and Zoning
  • Sustainable Community Planning
  • Land Use Regulation

Featured Program – American Citizen Planner

In this program, Extension Professionals, local officials, citizen advocates, non-profit groups, government agencies and general public, including those who are interested in the basic concepts of public land use and development regulation and in the best practices of community development and smart growth will learn to make positive land use decisions for their communities regarding zoning regulation, best practices for planning and zoning, and sustainable community planning. Participants who complete both the ACP 101 and ACP 201 courses can take the ACP Exam to earn the Master Citizen Planner accreditation.  To learn more and register, visit:

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