How does entrepreneurship benefit a small rural community?

In brief, successful entrepreneurs:
* bring new dollars into the economy
* put more people to work
* attract new people to the community
* offer new ideas and opportunities
* act as a spark plug for other community activities and events
* are active in community groups and boards.
Entrepreneurs are, in most cases, folks who like a lot of activity around them. In that way, the more entrepreneurs you have in a community, the more activities you will begin to see. For example, a small group of entrepreneurs who have shops in town might get together and decide that they should sponsor a parade, a holiday celebration, or a community dinner. The goal of the entrepreneurs is to create an activity that will bring people downtown during a time that might otherwise be quiet. Of course, they are hoping that those same folks will stay in town and do a little shopping, but the result is a community activity that everyone can enjoy.
Likewise, community business owners (entrepreneurs) are very likely to support local sports teams and sponsor community events. In other words, the more entrepreneurs you have in a community, the more likely the community is to see an increase in activities.
In addition, there is expanding research being carried out that examines the contributions that entrepreneurs, proprietors, and small businesses provide to communities. These studies are providing strong evidence that such businesses have a positive impact on the civic vitality of communities, especially in smaller populated communities. For example, they increase the involvement of business owners in local community improvement activities, and they help reduce the number of people who are living in poverty (since these firms are more likely to hire local people for job openings). They also are more likely to serve as mentors for young people who want to work side by side with local entrepreneurs. All in all, entrepreneurs can be an important asset to many communities.
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